Patented Design : No Bearing inside

OPPS GROUP company registered in HK for exporting market.

During 10 years of continuous investment and development of new generation of pellet press, our pellet press has been acknowledged as the best stable pellet press with highest capacity under same output of electric motor, and the maintaince cost is the lowest in the market. The following is our history of development


2009:  We also use the horizontal ring die pellet press (right now company from germany/usa/china still use this type )


a. the ring die is only working upper half

b. the bearing inside roller is easily damaged and we have to change frequently.

c. the main bearing of main shaft is hard to repair, some time you need to spend three days to repair one bearing.

d. the power consumption is dramatically.

e. basically this type of pellet press is only used for animal feed. (can not be used for wood pellet production)


2011. Firsty try to solve the problem of bearing inside roller.


2012 We invest the X type of opposite press to solve the problem of bearing insider roller.

     But still has the problem of the maintaince. If the key connetion parts are problem, it is very difficult to repair


2013 We optimize the X type of pellet press and make the key parts operation longer time.


2015 Horizontal ring die with no bearing inside roller.

     But still has the problem as 2009,the capacity of production can not be increased.

     Only half of die is working.


2016 We invent new generation of pellet press

     Vertical Ring die with no bearing insider roller, and the die is dual layer.


2018. We will launch new generation soon.  

And we will continue to invest and develop new generation of pellet press



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