Patented Design : No Bearing inside
3 Units of Pellet Press( 4.5T/H-6T/H)
3 Units of Pellet Press( 4.5T/H-6T/H)

Preparation area

• Spreading table for receiving log • Wood chipping machine (chips)
• Hammer mill (sawdust – dimensions 1..5 mm) 
• Bunker with moving floor storage the crushed sawdustbr>

Drying area

• Heat generator for hot flue gases
• Three Pass Drum Dryer
• Cyclone with Rotary Dispenser Valve
• Fan
• Pipe system with bag filter

Pellet Manufacturing Area

• Bunker with moving floor for dried material stuff 
• Transport equipment (screw conveyor, bucket elevator) feeding material to the Pellet mill 
• Conditioner
• Pellet Mill

Cooling Area

• Belt conveyor (feeding the finished pellets to the cooler)
• Counterflow Cooling Chamber
• Rotary Dispenser Valve
• Aspiration system
• Vibration screen

Packing and Palletizing area

• Pellet Bunker
• Automatic Packing Machine
• Palletized packaging machine with stretch film



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