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OPPS GROUP LIMITED is member of Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd.(http://www.cccme.org.cn/). is one of members of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, which is the central-goverment controlled large-size enterprise, specialized in designing and manufacturing high precision and case hardening gearboxes, couplings, dampers for marine industry, and gearboxes for building materials, hydroelectric power, thermal power, nuclear power and wind power industries, yaw and pitch drive, high precision automobile engine gears. The company was founded in 1966 and locates in Jiangjin District roughly 50 kilometers southwest of Chongqing city. Its total assets amount to RMB 2.3 billion and it covers a total land area of 530, 000m2, Its total number of the employee is more than 2300.


During 10 years of continuous investment and development of new generation of pellet press, our pellet press has been acknowledged as the best stable pellet press with highest capacity under same output of electric motor, and the maintaince cost is the lowest in the market. The following is main problems of pellet mill in the market.

1.Every brands in the market has bearing inside roller include German and USA brands. You need to lubricate the bearing every two hours and change the bearing every half a month.
2.For horizontal type ring die pellet press, the main shaft is easily broken and hard to repair
3.For vertical type flat die pellet press, the capacity of pellet press is very low and power consumption.

The following is the main advantage of our pellet press: 

1. The main shaft is drived by cylindric helical gear.
2. The main bearing is heavy duty branded bearing of high precision quality level.
3. No bearing inside roller, no need of grease lubrication every two hours.
4. Space between roller and die is adjusted and controlled remotely.
5. The carburization for the gear in the heat treatment is up to 2mm, the hardness and wearing resistance is top quality.
6. Germany CNC machine for every components in Pellet Press, the error allowance is very low.
7. The space for Compressed chamber is large, and additional vane to avoid the clog in the chamber.
8. The four lines(instead of five lines) die will avoid the overdue pressure from roller, extend the service time for the roller and die gradually.
9. All the rotated components are lubricated inside the pellet press by the oil pumping externally, and the temperature of oil is lower than 50 ℃ all the time, the span life for the pellet press is extended a lot.
10. The material of roller and die can be selected, for example 40Cr, etc.
11. Compression ratio can be selected based on the different raw material and different moisture For example, the hardwood/soft wood/and moisture is 20%-25%.
12. The power consumption is very low, normally the 1g is 55w, germany machine is 60w-70w. Power saving is 20% more.
13. The inner size of die is bigger than normal machine from china/german/usa, the capacity is higher by 30%.

The Process of our factory:

R&D—Moulding and Casting->machining——Assembly——Installation and Commission.



Moulding and Casting

Moulding and Casting-1
Moulding and Casting-2



Quality Control (Different type of NDT and Heat Treatment) 

HCS-140 Infrared Carbon-Sulfur Determinator

Quality Control (Different type of NDT and Heat Treatment) -2
Quality Control (Different type of NDT and Heat Treatment) -1
HCS-140 Infrared-1
HCS-140 Infrared-2

X-ray detectoscope and digital ultrasonic flaw detector

X-ray detectoscope and digital ultrasonic flaw detector
X-ray detectoscope and digital ultrasonic flaw detector-3
X-ray detectoscope and digital ultrasonic flaw detector-2

Testing Equipment 

Testing Equipment -1
Testing Equipment -2
Testing Equipment -3

Installation and Commission 

Installation and Commission -1
Installation and Commission -2
Installation and Commission -3

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